Senior Combat Designer

As a Combat Designer, my job is to design, drive and implement the behavior of either the Hero, AI or boss characters. Once a design is approved by the Game Director, it's up to the combat designer to create asset lists (primarily animation lists and visual effects lists) of what is needed for the final design. Once these lists are created, the combat designer will collaborate with the animator and visual effects artist to communicate the design to them and ensure everyone is on the same wavelength. 


 - Designed and implemented Kratos updated move set including special attacks, magic attacks and world weapons

- Collaborated with the Lead Animator in designing Kratos' new abilities and moves

- Approached Kratos' design with the intent of evolving his arsenal while maintaining his classic set of moves that fans have grown accustom to



- Designed and scripted most of the AI cast including Rideable creatures

- Responsible for final design and behavior of Hades Boss Fight